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Sports Programs

All students in the Pollock Pines School District, must pass a physical examination before they will be allowed to participate in any after-school sports programs.   In order for your child to participate in an after-school sports program, this examination must meet two requirements:

  1. The physical exam must be performed by either a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, or a physician's assistant. Exams performed by a chiropractor will not be accepted.
  2. Proof of passing the physical exam will be accepted only on the approved SIA form which is below.  In order to download and print the form from your computer, you must have Adobe Reader software. 

         Sports Athletic Handbook


Students in the Pollock Pines School District compete in the El Dorado County Sports League.   Below is a listing of the sports in which our students participate, along with each sport’s corresponding grade levels:

  1. Flag Football,  (two teams, 6th-8th grades)
  2. Girls Volleyball  (two teams, 6th-8th grades)
  3. Cross Country (one team, 3rd-8th grades)
  4. Boys Basketball (two teams, 6th-8th grades) 
  5. Girls Basketball (two teams, 6th-8th grades) 
  6. Wrestling (one team, K - 8th grades) 
  7. Boys Volleyball (two teams, 6th-8th grades) 
  8. Track (one team, 6th-8th grades)

Support Staff

Rick Armstrong
Athletic Director

Alana Bosold

Sports Boosters President


Deanna Smith

Sports Boosters Secretary


Cathy Reid

Sports Boosters Treasurer