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Principal Morgan's Corner

Weekly update 1-14-21

Rick Armstrong promoting academic language in his 6th grade math class.

Sierra Ridge remains a great place to learn! Teachers are using many different ways to help students write and, in other news, vaccinations have come to the land of the Wolverine!

As I walk through the classrooms I see passionate Wolverine teachers building great students. Mrs. Foxworthy, our teacher of teachers for the Step Up To Writing program that all writing at Sierra Ridge follows, is currently working on an interesting assignment. Walking through Mrs. Foxworthys room, I saw students in transition from brainstorming to their rough drafts on a topic that is timely and high interest. She helped students come up with opinion pieces on the good or bad that has come about from Covid and is helping them argue their points. Mrs. Stout is using the SUTW program to help students write a narrative piece. Those students are shining with creative character names, far off places, and even non-humanoid protagonists. Outside of writing, Mrs. Delmolinos 7th grade science class is working on calculating atoms and molecules of chemical compounds. Yesterday was direct instruction, but today was a fun Kahootreview game that reinforced their learning. Those three teachers are representative of our staff's dedication to making education more accessible and fun!

To the relief of our site, Covid-19 vaccinations have been made accessible to educators in our county. On Tuesday, January 12, Pat Atkins sent out the good news to our PPESD family that vaccinations are now being offered to educators. We have had multiple staff members take advantage of this in the past 2 days. Our Wolverine hope is that we now see the light at the end of the long dark Covid tunnel.

Wolverines can have pride in the education they receive from our dedicated staff at Sierra Ridge. Difficult times, or not, our teachers continue to innovate and challenge our

students. In conjunction with the added Covid relief from vaccinations, we hope to enter a more normalized period of time in the near future. It is teamwork between our district and staff that make every day a great day to be a Wolverine!